Who is Admiral?

Admiral™ began development of the SpaceMaker™ product line over ten years ago.

We were responding to increasing consumer demand for improved decking products. After the horrific failures that were occurring in the decking industry due to the ongoing practice of using low-cost, waste-stream materials that mold and mildew and crack and split when exposed to the weather.

Admiral™ was founded by an experienced team of seasoned industry engineering and manufacturing executives with the best ideas and highest technology available for outdoor lifestyle products.

SpaceMaker™ is the first product launched by this team. It was introduced in the Mid-Atlantic states in 2013.

Our patented and innovative product is made with only the finest materials. SpaceMaker™ was designed to provide consumers with the water-shedding feature they want for many of today’s outdoor lifestyle projects at the lowest possible cost.

Admiral‘s mission is to provide affordable and beautiful outdoor products that improve people’s lives.

Admiral™ is headquartered in New York, with Customer Service Technicians that have decades of Home Building and General Contracting experience located all around the country.

Admiral has manufacturing operations established to support sales world-wide.

Does SpaceMaker™ come with a Warranty?

SpaceMaker™ has 4 warranties:

  • 5-year Structural
  • 25-year Fade and Stain
  • 10-year Water-Tight, the only one like it in the industry
  • 2-year labor to cover any potential issues.

What is the SpaceMaker™ Super seal made from?

The Super Seal in SpaceMaker™ is co-extruded from pure, High-Temperature Vulcanized Silicone. The same extraordinary material used for the air-tight door seals in high-temperature ovens and super low-temperature freezers. Also in the air-tight seals required for the junction boxes that contain high voltage cable connections. Major power lines that are subject to ultra-long term exposure of acid rain and extreme UV and weather changes use this silicone.

SpaceMaker’s Super Seal will retain its resiliency from -100 degrees F to over 400 degrees F for the life of the deck and is non-toxic and without any caustic smell.

How long will SpaceMaker’s Super Seal Last?

The same Super Seal that is found inside of SpaceMaker™ Outdoor Flooring has already been in use, all over the USA and Europe for already well over 25 years.

It is used in the most demanding outdoor environments from industrial uses to building materials to automobiles.

It is the absolute highest quality weather seal that has been proven under extreme outdoor conditions worldwide for many decades.

What do I do if I have Questions? Does SpaceMaker Provide Customer Service?

Customer Service is SpaceMaker’s #1 Priority. We are available by email and phone 24 hours per day.

If you send us sketches and photos, we can even provide you a fast deck analysis and take-off list!

Moreover, we are available to visit your job to provide on-site answers. So if a question is too difficult to settle on the phone, SpaceMaker™ will dispatch a technician to your site to help you make the best use of SpaceMaker™.

Our goal is to solve your questions before you build your Outdoor Floor to assure you are delighted with your new living area.

Does SpaceMaker Protect the Pressure Treated Joists Underneath? Does this Prevent them from Shrinking?

Industry published research confirms that pressure-treated lumber shrinks in the length direction approximately 0.1%. So a 20’ board is 240” long and can shrink 1⁄4”. 

Standard decking allows water to drench the substructure during a rain or snow continually. 

For standard decking, pressure-treated lumber will then expand and contract ongoing as it absorbs water and dries out again. 

If an under ceiling that catches water is used, this will trap the water around the joists and enable them to swell at a maximum value. Can be the worst thing to do to the understructure. 

Also, the repeated swelling and shrinking cause the fasteners to be stressed and become loose, and the boards crack and deteriorate around these fastener areas. The water also makes the joists moldy with a poor appearance. 

SpaceMaker™ keeps the rainwater on top of the deck surface and keeps the joists dry for their entire life.

SpaceMaker™ dramatically reduces the repeated swelling and shrinking of the substructure due to water absorption and drying. Protecting the joists in this way causes the substructure to have a greatly extended life and improved appearance for the long term.


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